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Charles Prior Evelyn de Paravicini (1897-1976) | PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – WORLD TOUR ,



Large album assembled by CPE de Paravicini to document a trip of 14,319 miles through Europe, Africa and South America in 1930-1931.

Charles Prior Evelyn de Paravicini was one of three sons of Percy John de Paravicini (1862-1921) who was an English cricketer and international footballer. The family estate Riverside in Datchet, Bracknell, Berks. Charles’s brother, John Marcus de Paravicini was a Major in the 11th Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps and was killed in action 30 November 1917.
CPE de Paravicini assembled this impressive photograph album chronicling his steamship trips to Africa and South America. He travelled to Sudan for both business and pleasure as he was the export manager for the Walpamur Co. (later Crown Paints). In addition to photographs, he documented his journeys with maps, dinner menus, passenger lists, and other ephemera. He meticulously labelled his fellow travellers, locations, animals and activities such as deck tennis, fancy dress parties, camel rides, locust swarms, boat trips and tours.

First Journey to Africa | 28 November to 3 December 1930 | Port Said, Medani, Sennar Dam, Kosti and Renk, Kodok, Bahr-El-Zeraf and Nuer Trading Post, Juba Albert Nile and Lake Albert, Lakie Kioga, Masindi Hotel and Golf Course, Ripon Falls, Source of the Nile, Kampala, Imperial Hotel, The Law Courts, Entebbe, Dar-es-salaam and Mombasa on the S/S Kaisar-I-Hind (P&O and British India Steam Navigation Companies)

Second journey to Africa | 4 to 22 February 1931 – Marseilles, Genoa, Rapallo, Portofino, Port Said and Suez Canal, Port Sudan, Aden, Mombasa on the Union-Castle Line M.V. LLangibby Castle.

Return journey to London | 22 February to 26th March 1931 – Mombasa. Nairobi. Nahurn. Aden. Suez. Cairo. Port Said. Genoa. Paris. London on the P.D. Usaramo Dampfer der Deutschen Ost-Afrika-Linie

Third journey to South America | 22 January to 11 February 1932 – Lisbon, Madeira, St. Vincent, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos. Maonevideo and Atlantida, Tenerife, on R.M.S.P. (Royal Mail Steam Packet Company) “Almanzora”

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