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We are always on the lookout for great books, however, we do not buy ALL books. We have a small space, and are running a business, so have to be selective in what we buy.

How to make an offer:

  • Decide which books you would like to sell. Take a picture of them on a shelf, spines facing out, so that the titles and authors are legible.
  • If there are any condition issues, take a close up.
  • If it is an antiquarian book, take a photo of the title page.
  • Send us an email with a brief description of your books, how many you are looking to sell, the photographs and if you have a price in mind.
  • We will look them over, ask you any follow- up questions we might have, and let you know if we are interested and if we would like to see them in person before making a decision.


  • Give us a call : +44 (0) 2073529376.
  • Describe your books – rough age, quantity, condition, hardcover or paperback.
  • We can then decide best course of action with you – whether it is dropping books off at the shop or making a house call.

Do you make house calls?

Yes we do! We are happy to make house calls. Giles Lyon, the shop owner, will come look at your books, pick which books we would be able to sell and make you an offer on the spot. We can pay in cash, bank transfer, cheque or paypal. Call the shop to arrange a visit : +44 (0) 2073529376.

Can you clear all of my books?

We are not a house clearance service and we will only be able to take the books that we buy.

Do you accept donations?

Donations are greatly appreciated and we are continually amazed by the generosity of our community. We are not able to buy inexpensive books, such as paperback literature, but through donations we can continually stock them in the shop. We think it is important to be able to provide books across all price ranges – from £3.00 to £3,000. Please consider donating your books to our shop, you can help to ensure a lively, vital bookshop survives in Chelsea.

Any books that we are unable to sell in the shop are donated by us to one of the local charity shops.

How do you price your books?

Pricing second-hand and antiquarian books is an art, not a science. Many factors must be factored into the price, including availability, age, condition, desirability, and rarity. The internet is a useful tool in gaining a general sense of rarity and available copies throughout the world, but ultimately, it comes down to a “sense” of the book’s worth. We price our books realistically and competitively as we want to sell books!


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