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The Bookhunter on Safari

Here is a terrifically nice write-up from our friend (and some-time competitor) Laurence Worms, owner and chief-in-command at Ash Rare Books.  His blog – link below – is updated regularly with fascinating insights into the rare book world, alongside thoughtful pieces on his specialist subjects.  Cheers Laurence! The End of the World

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Oz Magazine: Tuning In and Staying Woke

In 1967, London was introduced to Oz, the psychedelic, pseudo-anarchistic magazine from Australia.  Within months, its pages of protest-art and political satire had gained enormous popularity amongst a young audience.  It was anti-Vietnam, anti-globalisation, pro-narcotics and uncompromising on the subject of sex: a political migraine for any member of the older generation who might be regarded as ’Establishment’. The collective message behind the magazine was of ‘opening the mind’, as had been frequently described by…

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