We’re at the Ink Fair! 26/10/2017 – Posted in: Blog, Books

IMG_1217Ink Fair 2017 kicked off this morning as booksellers, art dealers and antiquarian enthusiasts – none of whom were obviously reeling from the previous night’s champagne reception – put their very best before an excited central London crowd.

The fair takes place in the exquisite neo-gothic mansion-home of William Waldorf Astor,

I can't see anyone getting past that tonight: booksellers famously worship the authority of the velvet rope.

I can’t see anyone getting past that tonight: booksellers famously worship the authority of the velvet rope.

having been built to his tastes over the three years between 1892 and 1895, after he had emigrated to London as, we are told, the wealthiest man in the world.  Ideally for a rare book fair, the mansion features an eclectic mix of literary references.  Alexandre Dumas’

A Musketeer

Two Musketeers (one large, one far away).

Three Musketeers stand en garde along the banister, above characters from Rip Van Winkle, The Scarlet Letter and Last of the Mohicans; meanwhile a frieze in the gallery portrays 82 characters from Othello, Anthony and Cleopatra, Henry VIII and Macbeth.  Visual delights continue among stained-glass ceilings and geometrically-patterned mosaic floors, neither of which (also ideal for booksellers) are at eye-level height.

Among the most exciting books on sale today were a completely unrestored first edition of ‘Das Kapital’ (yours for £95,000 from Detlev Auvermann), and a signed first edition of James Bond’s debut, ‘Casino Royale’ (a steal from Shapero Rare Books at £92,000).  For those who wish to spend a little less money, there is in fact a back door through which one can remove oneself from the premises.

A jest!


(Free. It’s free to listen to the Beatles record.)

There are in fact more affordable items on sale than at similar antiquarian events, which is one of the reasons we like Ink so much.  We are, of course, as sympathetic to tighter wallets as any bookish Londoner; our centrepiece, Gerald Jenkins’ Marijuana Girl comes in under £2,000 (framed), while our rare German vinyl-pressing of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour is only marginally more expensive to buy than it is to listen to it.

We would obviously be thrilled if you came to say hello.  We’ll be at our stand (in the Great Hall, not far from the bar) from 11am to 6pm tomorrow.

Entry on the door is £5.00, however, those in the know (i.e. those reading this article) can download a complimentary ticket here.

INK Fair London

25th – 27th October 2017

Two Temple Place,

London, WC2R 3BD